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Monday, December 10

9:00am PST

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Monday December 10, 2018 9:00am - 9:15am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

9:15am PST

VPP Host Stack - Florin Coras, Cisco
Although packet forwarding with VPP and DPDK can now scale to tens of millions of packets per second per core, lack of alternatives to kernel-based sockets means that containers and host applications cannot take full advantage of this speed. To fill this gap, VPP was recently added functionality specifically designed to allow containerized or host applications to communicate via shared-memory if co-located, or via a high-performance host stack inter-host.

In this talk, we will provide a short overview of the major components of the host stack: shared memory fifos, session layer, TCP stack, communications library (VCL) and discuss how existing and new applications could leverage the benefits of this new architecture.


Florin Coras

Software Engineer, Cisco
Florin Coras is a Software Engineer in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office at Cisco where he focuses on userspace host stacks, network virtualization, and programmable overlays. He has contributed to a number of open source projects including FD.io and OpenDaylight. He is... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 9:15am - 9:45am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

9:45am PST

Accelerating TLS for Cloud Native, with FD.io VPP and QAT - Ping, Intel
TLS is fast becoming a critical workload in Cloud Native. How do we offload cryptography to hardware without any change in application are now critical industry questions?

This presentation will show a "transparent" and "asynchronous" high-performance solution that addresses the above issues.

"Transparent": Extending cloud native apps to integrate with FD.io VPP accelerated TCP stack in userspace. The TLS layer in VPP is viewed as just one of a number of transport layers to the supporting application, providing applications the ability to integrate with the TLS layer transparently.

"Asynchronous": Extend existing OpenSSL "file descriptor" asynchronous mechanism to an efficient and generic new interface, thus TLS host stack flow in VPP and the hardware cryptography flow can be pipeline simultaneously without user/kernel space switch which maximizes both the CPU and hardware utilization.

avatar for Ping Yu

Ping Yu

Sr. Software Engineer, Intel
Ping Yu is a senior software engineer of Network Platform Group at Intel Data Center Group. He is now working on fd.io/VPP projects as TLS maintainers. He is mainly engaged in research work in DPDK, Packet processing, openssl, VPP Crypto, and he also has several years’ experience... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 9:45am - 10:05am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

10:05am PST

Accelerating SPDK Storage Networking with VPP TCP - Tomek Zawadzki, Intel
The Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) is an open-source software project for accelerating storage and storage networking applications with a set of userspace, polled mode drivers and libraries.  SPDK provides libraries for TCP-based block storage protocols such as iSCSI and NVMe/TCP.  But while SPDK provides userspace polled mode drivers for NVMe SSDs, it still relies on the Linux kernel TCP stack for TCP, IP and Ethernet processing.  Profiling shows that up to 75% of CPU cycles in these applications are spent just on the kernel network processing.

This talk will discuss the work that SPDK has been doing in collaboration with FD.io on using VPP for userspace TCP-based storage networking use cases.  A description of SPDK's architecture and how VPP fits in will be provided, as well as performance and efficiency data that has been collected over the last several months.


Monday December 10, 2018 10:05am - 10:25am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

10:25am PST

DMM: A Protocol Stack Framework Redesigned for Cloud Network - Yalei, Huawei
Today, various network applications in the cloud emerge in endlessly. Although Linux kernel stack makes unceasing progress, but applications bringing different network requirements for QOS & SLA to transport protocol.

DMM (Dual mode, Multiple protocols & Multiple instances )is an open source protocol framework, aim to provide a new solution of diverse protocol stacks for developers. We will introduce the latest progress in v18.10 -- integrated several stacks, including LWIP, rSocket, and initial support for vpp, and LOS from Tinghua. App user could re-use his source code and pick-up the proper stack by DMM protocol RD module. We will show a demo of unmodified nginx which be able to auto-choose different protocol stack in a proxy scenario on demand.



Architect, Huawei

Monday December 10, 2018 10:25am - 10:45am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

10:45am PST

Vector Packet Processing (VPP) Arm Story: Now and Beyond - Sirshak Das, Arm
This presentation would touch on the following topics:  
Arm Ecosystem and VPP: Actively worked upon Platforms

Now – Story up until now (might see few additions in the coming months):
Vectorization – Increasing the footprint of Arm NEON Intrinsic in VPP code and its implications
Loop Throttling – Platform/Micro-architecture specific loop unrolling to go past prefetching hotspots
Architecture Specific Function Dispatching – Compiling different versions of the same function with compile time tuning and runtime dynamic selection based on the platform

Beyond - Future:
TCP Termination: Analysis and tuning of VPP Host stack performance on Arm

avatar for Sirshak Das

Sirshak Das

Software Engineer, Arm
Software Engineer at Arm (Open Source Software Group), worked previously as a maintainer for OpenFastPath (Userspace TCP/IP stack) Project. Prior work experiences:Research Assistant at Indiana University on WAN Optimization in Internet2Software Engineer at Cisco Systems, NX-OS Developer... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 10:45am - 11:05am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

11:05am PST

Morning Break
Monday December 10, 2018 11:05am - 11:30am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

11:30am PST

CNFs in Switzerland: Reproducible Performance Testing in a Neutral Environment - Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop
Tired of zero-touch claims that never live up to the hype? We were as well, so we created clean room implementations to compare the performance of Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNF) to Virtual Network Functions (VNF). We also created fully reproducible, real-world reference use cases that chain 100% open source, Network Functions. In this talk, we will share the CNF vs VNF comparison results and highlight how a neutral test environment can increase collaboration between groups and allow third parties to validate claims in their own environments.

avatar for Taylor Carpenter

Taylor Carpenter

Principal Factotum,, Vulk Coop
Taylor is a CNF WG Co-Chair and Co-Owner of the software cooperative Vulk Coop residing in Austin, TX. Taylor has been an open source advocate and developer since the mid-90s with experience in multiple industries including Telecommunications, Finance, and Healthcare. He was an early... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 11:30am - 11:50am PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

11:50am PST

High Performance Cloud Native Networking: K8s unleashing FD.io - Maciek Konstantynowicz, Cisco
The high-performance software data plane provided by FD.io VPP makes application and host networking fast and very efficient. Kubernetes makes container workloads easy to manage, operate and network, all at massive scale. It is rational to integrate the two, to see how the best of both worlds perform together and how they can drive high-performance communication in scaled-out and scaled-up cloud-native micro-services deployments.

This talk will detail how FD.io VPP is on a path to realize the vision of terabit networking on COTS servers, and how it integrates into the K8s (eco-)system through the Ligato, Network Service Mesh, and Contiv-VPP open-source projects. It will refer to open-source benchmarking data for checks against reality and against the laws of physics.


Maciek Konstantynowicz

FD.io CSIT Project Lead, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Maciek is project lead for Linux Foundation FastData.io open-source benchmarking, works in the Cisco Chief Technology and Architecture Office, focusing on software networking benchmarks, related analytics and HW/SW optimizations... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 11:50am - 12:10pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

12:10pm PST

VPP Data Plane with Open/R for Gigabit Wireless Mesh Networking - Madhu, Intel & Aijay Adams, Facebook
Open/R is a new open source distributed routing control plane. This proposal discusses the integration of VPP with Open/R  using thrift/0MQ based interface, marrying the best of the breed data plane with an efficient control plane.

VPP Data plane aspects:      
- Multi-controller integration (cloud, distributed)    
-  Dual stack versus single stack    
-  Integration with efficient messages buses like gRPC, 0MQ.      
- Memory footprint optimizations for a wireless gigabit router use case.      
- Nuances of implementing a wireless poll mode driver interface              
- Managing multiple memory pools within VPP              
- Use Large size mbufs, cloned and multi segment mbufs.              
- Aggregation of wireless PDUs, timers and reorder buffers.      
- Load balancing (non-ECMP) in the wireless mesh.      
- QoS challenges with varying link conditions and congestion control.


Aijay Adams

Production Engineer, Facebook
avatar for Madhu Raghupatruni

Madhu Raghupatruni

Platform Architect, Intel
Madhu Raghupatruni is Platform Architect in Intel’s Data Center Group. Considered an expert in telecom and networking industry for over 25 years. A strong proponent of open source technologies and leads cloud native networking technologies and standards. Lead many 5G innovations... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 12:10pm - 12:30pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

12:30pm PST

A VPP-based Implementation of Kubernetes Services and Policies - Nikos Bregiannis, Cisco
Kubernetes network policies specify how groups of pods are allowed to communicate with each other and other network endpoints. For a packet forwarding engine, such as VPP, this is an abstract definition for access control between endpoints. This presentation will introduce a pure userspace implementation of kubernetes policies in VPP showing high performance and adding the flexibility of different data plane rendering. Service is a Kubernetes abstraction providing an entry point of access to a group of pods. In a Contiv/VPP,  load-balancing and translations between services and endpoints are done inside VPP using the high-performance VPP-NAT plugin. VPP-NAT plugin is an implementation of NAT44 and NAT64 for VPP. This presentation will introduce a Service Proxy implementation in VPP that enables high-performance load-balancing, forwarding and dynamic source-NAT node-outbound IPv4 traffic.

avatar for Nikos Bregiannis

Nikos Bregiannis

Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Nikos Bregiannis has been a software engineer for Cisco Systems for 5 years. He has been working for the Research and Innovation Department (CTAO) and has been actively contributing to the FD.io and Linux Foundation community. Nikos has contributed to the design and development of... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 12:30pm - 12:50pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

12:50pm PST

Lunch (Provided)
Monday December 10, 2018 12:50pm - 1:35pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

1:35pm PST

Facts on the Ground Stitching up an L2 CNF with Network Service Mesh and VPP - Thomas Herbert, Red Hat
In this talk, Thomas will discuss the implementation of  an L2 forwarder using Network Service Mesh and VPP. By way of a practical example, this talk will show how NSM can serve as a vehicle for constructing a layer 2 network using a VPP based forwarder. Attendees will see the gRPC protocol additions for injecting an L2 service into a Kubernetes pod. They will also see how a container with VPP forwarder can be injected into the pod to handle L2 traffic. Also, he will discuss how this can be extended for other network elements such as L3 routers, tunnel endpoints or layered network slices using SRV6 or MPLS.

avatar for Thomas Herbert

Thomas Herbert

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Thomas is a principal software engineer in the networking group in the Red Hat office of the CTO where he has been working on bringing hardware accelerated network interfaces into containerized network functions. Previously, he has worked on VPP, fd.io CSIT, Network Service Mesh and... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 1:35pm - 1:55pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

1:55pm PST

Cloud Enabling DPDK and FD.io VPP - Ray Kinsella, Intel
Communication Service Providers are embracing Cloud Native technologies, such as Kubernetes. Attracted by the perception of more efficient utilization of platforms resources and more dynamism in application deployments. They are in turn advocating, encouraging and incentivizing their own suppliers, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors to follow suit.

This session will talk through some of the underlying trends here to understand why this is the case. It will then talk through recent and future improvements to FD.io VPP and DPDK to embrace the next wave of network innovation, the cloudification of the network. It will then describe in detail those new features of FD.io VPP and DPDK to enable Network Functions and Network Infrastructure to make more efficient use of system resources and for more dynamic applications.


Ray Kinsella

Network Software Architect, Intel Corporation
Linux enthusiast since 1996, and contributor to open source technologies for more than twenty years. Current interests are:- * DPDK Contributor & Maintainer * FD.io VPP Contributor & TSC Member * FD.io VPP Perfmon Plugin Maintainer * FOSDEM Network Devroom Chair Software Engineer... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 1:55pm - 2:25pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

2:25pm PST

P4 Plugin for FD.io - Srinivas, Radisys
Our team at Radisys has developed a P4 plugin for FD.io. Thus we have realized a highly programmable and flexible data plane that can run on any generic x86 based compute platform. We would like to share our experiences on building this data plane solution and the fun we are having optimizing its performance. And of course, we hope to collect lots of feedback



Platform Architect, Radisys
Networking engineer/architect in domains across wireless and wire-line technologies.   Technically led the development of MPLS L2/L3 VPNS and QoS functions on several router platforms.   Currently developing wireless networking stacks and integrating them into data path stacks like... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 2:25pm - 2:45pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

2:45pm PST

High Performance, Inexpensive NGFW? You Must Be Kidding. - Jim Thompson, Netgate, Inc.
The NGFW market will grow to $4.3B by 2022. Drivers? Cloud appliances, SME adoption, and IoT / BYOD device explosion. A gravy train for NGFW vendors with specialty silicon, monolithic software, and “don’t try this alone” support subscriptions. Translation? Expensive.

Is there an alternative? Yes. It’s called an open-source NGFW. Huh? All of those complex DPI, IDS/IPS, app control, packet filtering, email security, threat protection / sandboxing, and traditional firewall features? And at 1, 10, or 100 Gbps speeds?

It’s closer than you think.  See how these requirements can be met with open source software that leverages FD.io’s data IO performance, scalability, efficiency, and programmable flexibility for networking and security across bare metal, VM, and container deployments. And, best of all, prepare to have a “pennies on the dollar” discussion with your CFO.


Jim Thompson

CTO, Netgate, Inc.
Jim Thompson has been noodling around the UNIX world for far too long. He knows he started with BSD Unix Release 4.0c on a Vax 11/780 in 1981. He still thinks "echo 'This is not a pipe." | cat - > /dev/tty' is funny. He submitted his first patch to a Free Software project in 1987... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 2:45pm - 3:05pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

3:05pm PST

Accelerating Network Security with VPP and Network Service Mesh - Matt Ellison, Arroyo Networks
Arroyo is building fast and scalable cloud-based network security, providing enterprise network operators the ability to adapt to the changing threat landscape by replacing traditional networking appliances and functions.

While containers have made it easy to scale computing horizontally, network function technologies have lagged behind. Traditional NFV does not adapt and scale as the industry continues to trend towards cluster-based workloads.

At Arroyo, we have made strides towards providing truly scalable Cloud-Native Network Functions backed by Kubernetes, with the help of: 
1. VPP to deliver packets to our CNFs and build customized networking solutions for our customers. 2. Network Service Mesh for orchestration and scaling to leverage the power of Kubernetes clustering to power our CNF platform.
3. Bringing it all together with Arroyo’s Parallel Packet Processing Pipeline model.

avatar for Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison

Co-Founder, Arroyo Networks
Matt Ellison has spent his career working hands-on with networking stacks, technologies, and innovations. Before the advent of DPDK and VPP, he spent time building userspace accelerated networking tools for companies, helping to augment their Ixia-based test environments. As Kubernetes... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 3:05pm - 3:25pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

3:25pm PST

Boost VPP Virtual Switching Performance - Jun Xiao, CloudNetEngine
FD.io VPP provides high-performance software networking data plane for a variety of cloud deployments. From virtual switching perspective, there are still some critical challenges for VPP to support very high performance networking for both NFV and enterprise workloads.

This talk will detail how CloudNetEngine builds a virtual switching solution on top of VPP, to boost network performance for Virtual Machine, Kata Container and Native Container. It will also show performance benchmarking data that PVP NFV throughput can be improved by 10-30% depending on packet size, and IPerf TCP throughput can be improved by around 400%.

avatar for Jun Xiao

Jun Xiao

CTO, CloudNetEngine
Jun Xiao is the founder & CTO of CloudNetEngine which focuses on innovating next generation "engine" for cloud virtual networking. He has 15+ years experience in IT/Telco industries within companies: VMware, Huawei, Lucent and Sun Microsystem etc, and he has very solid system design... Read More →

Monday December 10, 2018 3:25pm - 3:45pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

3:45pm PST

Community Q&A
Monday December 10, 2018 3:45pm - 4:00pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

4:00pm PST

Afternoon Break
Monday December 10, 2018 4:00pm - 5:00pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

6:00pm PST

Monday December 10, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST
4C-4 Washington State Convention Center

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